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Handlebars that honk!

Simple ideas are so often the best. A friend & I created Honkies,  available from Microscooters in the spring of 2014.

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BubblePod – Professional 360º images in less than a minute.

This is BubblePod.

It’s so simple. Check out our Kickstarter campaign for the details. If you get in early it’s also only £15 – including Pod, App and unlimited sharing infrastructure! I’ll add more here when I catch up with myself. There’s so much rolling off the drawing board right now I can barely keep up with my own sketch book but this one is a pet project that I really, really can’t wait to see in production…. mainly so that I can see all of the bubblr community’s new bubbles.

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Channel 4 has commissioned me to build a floating home of the future

This is one of those best kept secrets that some how I managed to keep. I’m utterly thrilled to say that Channel 4 have commissioned me to design & build a fantasy floating house and to populate it with a myriad of inventions from the most colourful and experimental corners of my imagination. To say I am over the moon is a understatement. It’s going to be an incredible & challenging summer but there’s nothing like jumping in at the deep end (I’ve obviously never built a home or a boat before). I won’t be running a diary as such… but I will be archiving my bubbles and come the autumn you’ll all be able to see what comes of it by watching this prime time Channel 4 series unfold.

Oh, here’s the official press release and of course, I’m honoured to have my son Barney at my side as co-creator.

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So the town suffered some serious floods these past few days. The shot below was captured by a drone that took off from behind my home. I guess you could say that we experienced a hundred year event.

While the nation’s media came to town like a circus I shot a few bubbles like this one to give a full picture as to what was going on. I also had a chat with local BBC Wiltshire reporter Cheryl Dennis which is recorded below.

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